Difference between GPIO.setmode(BCM) and GPIO.setmode(BOARD)

It tells the library which pin nunbering system you are going to use. BOARD signifies using the physical pin numbers on the RPi P1 connector. BCM signifies the Broadcom SOC channel designation. One word of warning – the BCM channels moved around a little between revision 1 and revision 2 of the Raspberry Pi board. The BOARD numbering system stays working between board revisions.


Raspberry Pi Vs Intel Edison Features Comparison

HR-OS1 means?

The HR-OS1 is powered by an onboard Linux computer giving you all the processing power you need to run your robot. The HR-OS1 is a hackable, modular, humanoid robot development platform designed from the ground up with customization and modification in mind.

Raspberry Pi Vs Intel Edison

Your HR-OS1 kit shipped with 2 choices for the Main CPU – the Intel Edison and the Raspberry Pi. Both platforms will run the same HR-OS1 framework to control your robot. Each platform has its strong points, as outlined below.

#Intel Edison Pros

  • Power Consumption The Intel Edison consumes far less power than the Raspberry Pi.
  • Size Even with the breakout board, the Intel Edison is much smaller then the Raspberry Pi.
  • Built in Wifi/Bluetooth The Intel Edison does not need extra dongles to add bluetooth / wifi functionality.
  • Built in FTDI USB-Serial Converter You can connect the Intel Edison Mini Breakout directly to you computer to open a serial terminal to control the Edison.
  • More Mature Development/Testing We have been working with the Intel Edison for much longer than the Raspberry Pi, so the framework is better tested with the Intel Edison.

#Raspberry Pi Pros

  • USB Ports The Raspberry Pi has 4 available USB ports to attach devices to.
  • SD Card Slot The Raspberry Pi’s SD based storage makes it possible to upgrade your disk size. Each HR-OS1 kit ships with an 8GB SD card, compared to the Edison’s built in 4gb eMMC storage.
  • Easy access GPIO pins The Raspberry Pi has 3.3v I/O pins that are easily accessible through the male pin headers. The Intel Edison has 1.8v pins.
  • Standard Ports HDMI, ethernet, composite video, and audio ports
  • **Special Ports ** Camera and display interface ports
  • 3d Graphics core
  • Superior processor


Complete and simplified Raspberry Pi Wifi configuration Procedure

Raspberry Pi official page- Clearly and simplified steps to connect to wifi configuration


Raspberry Pi – steps to connect to wifi configuration