What all should I Collect while resigning From TCS?

First of all, congrats and best wishes.

If you leaving your job completely (Not joining any company), you can withdraw your PF amount easily after 3 months of leaving TCS. For this, you require UAN number and pension account number (after you leave TCS, the amount of provident fund is transfer to pension fund).

If you are joining another job, then simply make a note of the UAN and pension account number and later you can get it transferred. HR of the new organization can help you.

Regarding bond amount- They don’t usually ask for the entire amount unless there is some dependency of project on you.

All you need to ask while leaving is a release letter which mentions date of release from TCS and you are good to go. No other formalities are mandatory.


What is the process to resign TCS? What are the buyout procedures? Any way to escape bond amount if only two months are left for bond period?

Step 1 – Talk to your team lead & manager.

Step 2 – Once they agree, drop a mail to HR keeping lead & Manager in CC regarding the resignation. The moment you click the send button, your notice period starts.

Step 3 – Speak to the HR. Query about the notice period shortfall amount & bond amount to be paid. Now notice period is 3 months. If you are willing to work in the notice period, you will cover your tenure of 2 years hence the service bond stands nullified. If you wish to decrease your notice period, there is a shortfall amount to be paid (=a month’s basic) which will be prorated on the number of days you wish to work less. But in this case you might have to pay the bond amount.

Bond amount is reduced only in cases of higher studies, where you need to submit admission letter and payment receipt to college as a proof. Else it is highly unlikely your bond amount will be reduced.

Step 4 – (Most Important) Ask your team lead/supervisor to initiate separation process in ultimatix. It goes through various levels of approvals hence takes time.

The decision of reducing bond amount lies with the Head HR, and will be taken according to your resignation (job switch/higher studies). The decision taken by him/her is final and non negotiable.

Step 5 – Download all payslips, certificates, letters and appreciations to keep a local copy with you as you lose your access to Ultimatix on LWD. Keep track of your PF account.

Step 6 – A week before LWD, make sure you receive the resignation acceptance mail. Most important mail which contains various docs.

Step 7 – clear your dues with the library, untag any resources before LWD.

Step 8 – Report at your head office of the region, submit ID, Drawer Key, demand draft etc. Collect interim release letter. Be a proud TCS Alumni.

wishing the best for your journey ahead!