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About us:

  1. We are group of professionals love to share the Industry Knowledge, standards on programming and Best practise in Application Development. We cover the below technology areas
    • Python
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Python Android Application Development Kivy
    • Python Web Dashboard Development
    • Python OpenCV
    • Python Chatbot
    • Python PYQT
    • Python Ctypes and DLL access procedure
    • Python Machine Learning
    • Python Automation
    • Python Flask Web Development
    • Embedded
  2. We are professionals who work closely with industry leaders/Experts on developing day-to-day life product development

Mission: The objective is to share the Industry leader/Experts knowledge on various subjects where our viewers/readers will foresee their professional career growth in niche technology.

Vision: Supporting our readers to excel and grow in their professional career in a much faster way than imagine.