Difference between Smart Home and connected Home

Connected Home:
All your electronics applicances and devices in your home, office etc were connected in Internet. So In connected home you can able to control all your devices from everywhere, but it won’t operate on its own. Smart home will learn our behaviour and it perform necessary action according to our expectation before you plan to do.


Smart Home:

It’s actually quite simple. Existing connected products, from those in the home to in our car, don’t communicate with each other very well. To make our homes (and lives) smart, they all need to talk and interact with each other, seamlessly.

Here’s how smart home work. At the moment, a connected thermostat learns your regular movements, so it makes sure the house is warm when you get home at six. But it’ll probably be freezing if you come home unexpectedly at 4. The smart home would have had a good conversation with your car to know you were headed home early, and that it’s because you’re not feeling well, then adjust everything accordingly — if you had a fever, you wouldn’t want a baking house. To get the same result in the connected home, actions are required on your part and forget about any of it working if someone else is already home and has changed the settings already.